Dasample Intros Guitar Synth

DASAMPLE ElectroacousticDasample has introduced a new line of VST Sound Modules for the needs of everyday producers. This first volume, ELECTROACOUSTIC (EA), is an Acoustic Guitar Synth.

Designed to be musical, not technical, this VST Instrument features DaSample’s WaveBlow Guitar Synthesis Engine for playability.

Create guitar and FX tracks with presence and unique sonic signature.


  • New hybrid WaveBlow Guitar Synthesis Engine
  • Reverb and Flanger Effects
  • Dynamic and velocity pad control
  • Improved Modulation Engine
  • Volume and Bass controls
  • Very simple and ultra functional interface with LCD screen
  • 48 factory presets (guitars and effects) and 16 user presets

For more information, visit the Dasample site.

3 thoughts on “Dasample Intros Guitar Synth

  1. I’m looking for a guitar synth that produces these sounds:
    Andreas Vollenweider harp, Japanese shachuhatchi and koto, south american pan pipe, sitar, and Austrailan dijerido
    Thank you

  2. Tim

    Are you looking for a guitar that can play all those sounds?

    If so, you probably should be thinking about getting the best MIDI guitar controller you can, because then you could use any sounds you wanted with it.

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