Electronisounds Intros 2 .Wav Format Sample CDs

ElectronisoundsElectronisounds has added two titles to their catalog of sample CDs, DnB Void and Serious Electro 2.

DnB Void explores the darker side of dark drum and bass. Serious Electro 2 serves up retro-phunk-electro flava. Both sample CDs feature over 650MB of all-new, all-original sounds and loops.

DnB Void Contents:

  • Basses Folder – 75 bass samples (each tuned to “C”)
  • Drum Kits Folder – 3 drumkits (50 sounds each)
  • Drum Loops Folder – 150 prgrammed drumloops (all at 150bpm)
  • Drum Loops Folder – 8 live drummer acoustic drumloops, 1 live drumroll (all at 150bpm)
  • FX Folder – 85 fx samples
  • Misc. Chords Folder – 75 chord samples (Am, B7, Cm, Csus4, Em, Fm)
  • Misc Music Loops Folder – 32 misc. musical loops and phrases (misc. keys)
  • Pads Folder – 75 pad samples (each tuned to “C”)
  • Sub Basses Folder – 12 sub bass samples (each tuned to “C”)
  • Synths Folder – 75 synth samples (each tuned to “C”)
  • Vocoded Drumloops Folder – 70 vocoded drumloops in the keys of (A, B, C, D, E, F, G)
  • Vocoded Drum Sounds Folder – 70 vocoded drumsounds in the keys of (A, B, C, D, E, F, G)

Electronisounds Serious ElectroSerious Electro 2 Contents:

  • Bass Loops Folder: 37mb, 31 samples
  • Basses Folder: 44mb, 115 bass one-shots (each tuned to”C”)
  • Drum Kits Folder: 5mb, 77 drums sounds (divided into 2 drumkits: toy keyboard drums & Serious Electro 2 drums)
  • Drum Loops Folder: 170mb, 127 drumloops (2 and 4 measure loops 110bpm, 120bpm, 130bpm)
  • FX Folder: 20mb, 32 samples
  • Groove Kits Folder: 27mb, 4 groove kits (Elek Tek, Elektro Breaks, Nu Breaks, Old Skool Tek)
  • Organs Folder: 52mb, 50 organ one-shots (each tuned to”C”)
  • Pads Folder: 97mb, 50 pad one-shots (each tuned to”C”)
  • Synth Loops Folder: 66mb, 51 samples
  • Synths Folder: 95mb, 150 synth one-shots (each tuned to”C”)
  • Toy Keyboard Beats Folder: 41mb, 22 beats (each in wav AND rex2 format)

Both releases can be purchased for $19.99 each.

More information and FREE demo samples are available on their website: http://www.electronisounds.com.

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