Free VST Tube Amp Plug-in from Polarity

Polarity TubesterPolarity has released Tubester 1, a free VST audio processing plugin for simulation of high-gain, high-sustain classic English tube amplifier and speaker combos


  • Tubester 1 is a combined preamp, EQ and guitar speaker simulator designed to integrate into PC based digital audio workstation software like Cubase, Cakewalk, Tracktion, and FL Studio.
  • Tubester 1 is a 3 stage preamp with input and feedback filtering implemented to match original 1960’s designs.
  • Preamp tubes modelled on actual technical data for the Mullard EL83 triode.
  • The EQ section gives fine control over bass, mid and treble bands (at roughly 100,300,750Hz with +/- 20db of boost and cut) with a presence control at slightly below 5KHz for additional control over tonal purity.
  • Tubester 1 is a zero latency highly efficient implementation with minimal CPU overhead, and is thus suitable for real-time (live) use.
  • Tubester is Free

The VST does not have any custom user interface – it will use the host interface host for control display (see example hosted in Tracktion). Download and install into the shared VST folder and Tubester should show up in the VST list.

For more information, visit the Polarity site.

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