Precisionsound Releases Funky Electric P200

Funky ElectricPrecisionsound has released Funky Electric P200 for HALion/Kontakt & Sfz.

For the “Funky Electric P200” , Precisionsound recorded a well-tuned and served Wurlitzer® 200A electric piano. The great sound of this instrument is well known from several classic records of jazz, soul, funk and gospel music.

The complete CD-ROM contains 550 individual 24 bit Mono WAV samples & 550 16bit samples (Sfz version).1 program each for HALion 1.*, HALion 2 and NI Kontakt 1.2 & Sfz All notes have been recorded in 24 bit without any post treatment. What you get is the pure and true sound and response of the instrument in up to 5 velocity layers each for note and release samples. To keep the size down (under 170 MB) and still be extremely realistic, Precisionsound looped most of the samples.

For the characteristic tremolo effect of the 200A, Precisionsound recommends the Cubase SX VST-plugin “Rotary” (fxp of simulation included)

For more information and demo songs, visit the Precisionsound site.

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