Kreativ Sounds Intros MALWaves Reason Refill

Kreativ Sounds Mal WavesKreativ Sounds has introduced MALWaves – Exotic Malström Sounds, a new Reason refill.

Dark textures, scary sweeps, analogues, physical models, dream key, vocal choirs or sound effects are just a few types of presets that makes MALWaves Refill an unique and versatile sounds collection suitable for film scores, ambient music, game composers, electro music, trance and techno etc. Squeeze out the FULL Power of Malström Graintable Synthesizer with the MALWaves collection.


  • 352 Malström Presets – carefully programmed and creative presets for one of the most original and cool sounding virtual synthesizer ever created. All are divided in several categories as it follows:
    • 32 Malström asFX – very useful when you use Malström as a filter for other Reason devices and don’t forget to use the ModWheel for extra candy;
    • 128 Malström Basic – these useful patches were created specially for sound designers. It’s much more easy now if you want create your own sounds with Malström;
    • 128 Malström Instruments – a wide range of original and very creative sounds ready to be used into your works. You can find here Ambient Textures, Analog Synths, Custom Keys, Dream Pads, Motion Waves, Physical Models and Vocal Choirs. All of them contain the ModWheel info for extra control and sounds;
    • 64 Malström XBonus – Bonus presets. These are cool sounds that did not fited into any category listed above.
  • 16 RV7000 Patches- we added these just to make sure you get the most of our sound. There are some cool sounding reverbs specialy designed for textures and multitap delays.

The full version costs 15.5 EU / 21.5 USD and is available to purchase online via the website.

More information is available at the Kreativ Sounds site.

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