Frankfurt Musikmesse: Vienna Symphonic Library Releases OPUS 2

Vienna Symphonic LibraryAt Musikmesse Frankfurt, the Vienna Symphonic Library team introduced the Multi Impulse Response Mixing and Reverberation Engine. They also introduce a new addition to their popular Horizon Series product line: OPUS 2.

OPUS 2 – Orchestra

This new Horizon Series library expands the potential of OPUS 1 and the FIRST EDITION with new articulations, such as quick string runs, flautando string ensembles, and muted brass. It also offers further instruments like marimba, vibraphone, and waterphone. Furthermore, OPUS 2 comprises basic articulations of instruments taken from other Horizon Series titles, such as Solo Strings, Epic Horns, French Oboe, or Woodwind Ensembles. OPUS 2 includes 9.3 GB of data on 2 DVD-ROMs and retails for $495. Like all Horizon Series titles, OPUS 2 is available in EXS24, GigaStudio, HALion and Kontakt formats.

Coinciding with the introduction of OPUS 2, the retail price of the most popular title of the Horizon Series, OPUS 1, is now reduced to $895. OPUS 1 is the comprehensive, now even more cost-effective introduction to the world of professional orchestral sounds. On top of that, both OPUS libraries will be available at the bundle price of $1,295.

A Sneak Peek at MIR

The Vienna Symphonic Library have launched an ambitious research and development effort to add a crucial ingredient to the alchemy of orchestral music production – space.

MIR, the Multi Impulse Response Mixing and Reverberation Engine, will be a giant leap forward in achieving the ultimate in orchestral realism with a totally new mixing front-end. To embark on this strategy, the Vienna Symphonic Library has assembled a new development partnership which unites the powers of high culture and high technology: Partners include the Vienna Konzerthaus, a complex featuring some of the world’s most sought-after concert halls, AKG Acoustics, a leading innovator in the world of audio technology, and Audio Ease, developer of many award winning solutions for software based sound processing, including the convolution reverb plug-in Altiverb. Attendants at the Vienna Symphonic Library Event on April 6th at Musikmesse Frankfurt 2005 are the first to hear the MIR engine’s acoustic outcome in 5.1 surround sound.

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