TerraTec Producer Debuts WAVE XTABLE

With WAVE XTABLE, TerraTec Producer has introduced a soundboard with 500 additional sounds featuring GM and XG modes and professional quality sound. The board is equipped with 16 MB memory affording instant access to sounds – without audible latency and without tasking the computer’s memory. Up to 128 voices may used simultaneously for a variety of applications ranging from elaborate orchestral arrangements to contemporary electronica and rock sounds.

WAVE XTABLE’s offering of more than 500 additional sounds runs the full gamut of popular genres of music. Included on the board are all orchestra and many other acoustic instruments, unusual electronic sounds, 10 complete drum kits and an SFX kit. All are based on real instruments whose sounds were painstakingly digitized and burned to the WAVE XTABLE’s ROM. A touch of a button is all it takes to audition this remarkable array of sounds.

Installation couldn’t be any easier: WAVE XTABLE plugs into the wavetable connector slot – no further installation necessary. This simple twist of the wrist transform the audio card into a powerful sound generator. WAVE XTABLE is fully compatible with the prevailing MIDI standards GM and XG.

Priced 149,00 euros (MSRP).

One thought on “TerraTec Producer Debuts WAVE XTABLE

  1. Dear Sir: Please email information on your Wave X Table 128 Voice Xtended Wavetable sound card.
    I'm confused about which Terratec card is for the Korg NS5R sound module. I want the one that only fits that Korg module. It should be about 62.2 mm X 38.0 mm in physical size; and have a 26-pin header socket (facing down) that fits into the motherboard of the Korg NS5R.
    Also, please give the price of this Sound Card in U.S. Dollars. Thank you in advance for any information you could send.

    Nelson A. Clark
    [email protected]

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