Digidesign Intros ICON D-Command

Digidesign D-commandDigidesign has introduced D-Command, the newest member of the ICON integrated console family. ICON D-Command incorporates much of the same functionality, industrial design, and custom workflow capabilities that have made the flagship ICON D-Control tactile worksurface one of the fastest selling large-format consoles on the market today. With its compact size and powerful feature set — including dedicated EQ and dynamics editing sections, custom fader modes, and touch-sensitive rotary controls — ICON D-Command is a natural fit for facilities that want ICON’s unique mixing capabilities at a more affordable price.

“We’ve sold over 200 D-Control–based ICON systems in less than a year,” says Rich Nevens, Digidesign’s director of worldwide console sales. “With the introduction of D-Command, we are extremely excited to be able to bring the power of the ICON integrated console environment to more audio professionals than ever before. This level of advanced automation, audio processing features, and control surface functionality has never before been available at this price point.”

ICON D-Command combines all the benefits of a console with the power and flexibility of the industry’s leading high-definition digital audio workstation. In addition to supporting mixes up to 24-bit/192 kHz in up to 5.1 surround, ICON D-Command features direct integration with industry-standard Pro Tools® recording and editing software. With non-destructive AFL/PFL solo functionality and brand-new automation capabilities, creating great mixes with Pro Tools and ICON is more intuitive, practical, and faster than ever.

Similar to D-Control, ICON D-Command employs an intuitive console layout. The D-Command Main Unit features an easily accessible, central control section with straight-forward monitoring and communications controls. Equipped with eight channel faders, ICON D-Command is expandable to 24 faders by adding a single 16-channel Fader Module. The ergonomic design of ICON D-Command enables control of multiple session parameters through channel strips and provides LCD displays, LED rings, and bar-graph meters for visual session feedback.

Featuring dedicated, center-section panels for EQ and dynamics plug-in editing – as well as per-channel control over many processing functions, routing, and automation modes – ICON

D-Command gives operators powerful hands-on command over their projects in a smaller console.

ICON enables operators in a wide variety of fields — such as music, post, and broadcast — to customize their environments by choosing the right worksurface, effects plug-ins, I/O interfaces, and peripherals. With such a wide array of options, operators can make ICON D-Command sound like any console they want.


  • Full integration with Pro Tools|HD® systems
  • Ergonomic eight-physical fader/channel strip layout; expandable to 24 physical faders/channel strips
  • High-quality, touch-sensitive motorized faders
  • Two touch-sensitive, multi-purpose rotary encoders per channel strip with LED rings and LCD displays
  • 17 illuminated pushbuttons per channel strip to facilitate fast selection of channel modes and attributes
  • Two bar-graph meters per channel and eight Master section bar-graph meters
  • Comprehensive monitor/communications control section
  • Dedicated, center-section control panels for EQ and dynamics plug-in control
  • Includes the XMON™ monitoring system; a remote, rack-mounted analog I/O audio monitor and communications system that is capable of monitoring up to 5.1 surround
  • Patent pending, high-speed Ethernet protocol connects console worksurface to Pro Tools|HD Accel DSP mix engine, providing 200 times more bandwidth than MIDI-based controllers


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