Crysonic Intros Spectralive

crysonic spectraliveCrysonic has announced Spectralive, the first VST to utilize the patent pending process spectral vitality. The Spectralive process is a novel and proprietary approach for imparting Vitality and warmth to all your audio material.

Producer JC Parker comments, “I had the privilege of being one of the the beta testers and this is, without question, the best quality audio enhancer that I have had the pleasure to use to date.”

Features and applications:

  • Mastering
  • Mixing
  • Tracking
  • Vocals
  • Guitars
  • Keyboards
  • VA instruments
  • Impart Vitality and Warmth
  • Patent Pending Process
  • Unique approach
  • Library of quality presets
  • Increase Stereo coherence
  • Sonically Correct mastering
  • Decrease Phase Distortion
  • Better Spectral definition
  • Intelligent Phase control

More information is available at the Crysonic site.

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