Miglia MediaBank HS-R Firewire Storage System

Miglia FirewireMiglia Technology has announced the immediate availability of a new version of MediaBank HS-R. MediaBank HS-R now sports a high-speed Oxford 912-based FireWire 800 interface to increase the data transfer rates. Furthermore, the power supply unit has been upgraded to cope with the larger and more power-hungry drives appearing on the market.

Eric Ferraz, Product Marketing Director, Miglia Technology, commented: “MediaBank HS-R has been an incredible success for the company since its launch. Many small businesses rely on MediaBank HS-R as a combined storage and automatic back up solution. The new MediaBank HS-R model offers even greater security, performance and reliability. The Catalyst 912 FireWire interface we developed for the award winning DualDisk hard drive is now integrated within MediaBank HS-R giving it another edge in terms of performance.”


Featuring two easily removable hard drive trays and hardware support for Raid 1 (mirroring), HS-R is the most secure FireWire storage solution available today.

Data is written to two hard drives simultaneously, preventing total data loss if a drive were to fail. Hardware support for mirroring removes potential software conflicts and guarantees a faultless and automatic backup of your vital data.

MediaBank HS-R ships with a spare hard drive tray, allowing you to keep a drive containing all your data in a secure location (automatic backup facility).

More information is available at the Miglia site.

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