Emoove Music Offers Bedroom Producers 50/50 Deal

Emoove music, an independent online record company and distributor, is offering bedroom producers access to host their own web page, dedicated marketing, graphic design, and artist management & development.

It offers a non-exclusive deal, where the artist has nothing to do but keep making the music. The emoove Fifty/Fifty deal means the artist gets the benefits of a traditional independent, but still receives 50% of the revenue from each track or album sold. Emoove’s first release, Mister Bush (what kind of car do you drive?) by Flavorjenkins received acclaim in quarters as far away as John Kerry’s recent US Presidential election campaign.

Using promotional media (video, photography, design) and marketing tools, emoove creates a unique band image. This concept is used to promote music to the industry and wider audiences, on- and off-line.

More information is available at the emoove site.

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