Griffin Ships TuneJuice – Battery Backup for iPod and iPod mini

TuneJuiceGriffin Technology is now shipping TuneJuice, a unique battery backup for iPod and iPod mini.

Using a single 9-volt battery, TuneJuice lets you extend the play time of your iPod.

TuneJuice is an ideal solution for on-the-go iPod users, providing up to 8 hours of additional power to any dockable iPod or iPod mini. If your iPod has some charge, TuneJuice will provide up to 8 hours of additional play; a completely drained iPod will get up to 4 hours. Battery getting low? Pop a standard 9-Volt battery into the TuneJuice and keep rocking.

It’s the perfect carry-on for airplanes, road trips, camping and ski trips. Anytime you need some serious play time and don’t have access to charge your ‘Pod, TuneJuice is a lifesaver. With TuneJuice, you will never have to deal with your iPod running out of juice before you do.

Pricing & Availability

The Griffin TuneJuice is $19.99 USD, now available at

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