Sonic Studio Intros Manual DeClick 2.0

Sonic Studio has announced Manual DeClick 2.0, a Sonic Studio DDP option.

Manual DeClick 2.0 provides the highest level of quality and selectivity required by corporate restoration departments and discriminating independents worldwide. Jayson Tomlin, Vice President of Sales, states that Manual DeClick “…wasn’t just the first, it’s still the finest tool available for surgical restoration of impaired material. The fidelity of the tool, when compared with other entries in this space, continues to define ’best in class.‘” “Unlike many of the commodity products out there,” he continues, “Manual DeClick operates on the data in the frequency domain while providing a familiar, time–based user interface for fast, flawless repair.”

Leveraging the unique power of Mac OS X, SSE and Sonic Clarity technologies, Manual DeClick forms the foundation of Sonic Studio’s definitive NoNOISE restoration suite, which also includes DeCrackle, a distortion reduction tool, and Broadband DeNoise, which delivers high fidelity noise suppression. As part of the plan to update their entire catalog, Sonic Studio will release this product as the first in a series of revamped components for their benchmark digital audio restoration suite.

“Our customers, the major record labels and Hollywood studios, rely on our restoration tools every day, preferring them to the wide range of imitations out in the marketplace,” said Jon Reichbach, President of Sonic Studio. “When you purchase an album reissue or classic movie on DVD, you’re most likely listening to Manual DeClick at work.”

Manual DeClick is available as an option for version 2.0 of SonicStudio•DDP and will also be available for upcoming software packages. The Manual DeClick 2.0 option is priced at US$495 and is currently available through Sonic Studio and their global reseller network. For more information, contact Sonic Studio sales at 805-987-5808 or visit on the Web.

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