GleetchLAB – New Freeware Sound Design Suite

Gleetchplug Design have announced the release of GleetchLAB software on June 7, 2005.The software is a complete freeware suite for sound designers and open minded musicians. The software is designed to create and manipulate drones, glitches and amazing digital noises with few mouse clicks.

gleetchplug lab
GleetchLAB software is a peculiar collection of instruments that you can patch togheter with a modular matrix. The suite features four stereo loopable wave readers/writers with different random loop point algorithms, one wavetable oscillator, a sonic reducer, 3/4/5 bands parametric EQ, an amazing sonic disgregator, a granular re-synthesis engine, a ring modulator, a 5 stereo tracks mixer, and more.

Current version is for OSX, a Windows XP porting is scheduled.

For more information, visit the Gleetchplug site.

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