Various – Gatecrasher Digital Trance

Gatecrasher Digital Trance offers a continuous mix of cuts that should appeal to fans of hard trance.

This two-cd set is a great compilation of hard-edged trance tracks. The music is presented as a continuous mix, and blends together a broad range of styles. The two CDs are complied by DJ Scott Bond. The mixes tend towards harder dance tracks, and fans of Gatecrashers’ earlier compilations will not be disappointed

CD1 kicks it off with a Jamnesia track, She’s My Friend. The CD hits its stride, though, with a DJ Tiesto remix of Mauro Picotta’s Pulsar 2002. Rob Aker weighs in with the pulsing, blissful trance chords of Dad’s Home. Other highlights are Solar Factor’s No Return, Mo’ Hawk/s hypnotic track, Atlantic Stress, and Believe, a collaboration between In Motion & Traveller that combines spacy effects and beautiful vocals into a great progressive trance track.

CD 2 pumps things up even a little higher. Art of Trance contributes a couple of great tracks, Love Washes Over & Madagasca. Fabio MC & Mario Piu’s Invaders is a hard & minimal & sounds like a fast drive on a dark night. Altitude’s Altitude sandwiches a lyrical middle section between some minimal hard trance. The second half of this CD builds to a long climax, and should leave even die-hard trance fans satisfied.



  • Jamnesia – She’s My Friend
  • Mauro Picotto – Pulsar 2002 (DJ Tiesto Mix)
  • Rob Aker – Dad’s Home
  • Delorix – Nexus (Spectre Mix)
  • Solar Factor – No Return
  • MO’Hawk – Atlantic Stress
  • John Askew – Vellum
  • En Motion – Getting Away With It (Thrillseekers Instrumental)
  • Push – Tranzy State Of Mind
  • M.O.R.P.H. – Consequence
  • The Traveller & In Motion – Believe 2002 (Minimalistix Mix)
  • Genetica – Arizona
  • Human Evolution – Human Evolution
  • Jose Amnesia – The Voyager’s Dream
  • Yves DeRuyter – Music Non Stop
  • Visions Of Yawa – Tibet (Jens O. Club Mix)
  • Trance Allstars – Lost In Love


  • Indiana – Do You Hear Me (Art Of Trance Mix)
  • John Askew – Are You Reading Me
  • The Bass Tarts – Atacama
  • The Mystery – Devotion
  • Art of Trance – Love Washes Over (Pheric Mix)
  • The Green Martian – End Of The Earth
  • DRP – Invasion
  • DJ Ton T.B. – Future Voices
  • Art of Trance – Madagasga (Push Remix)
  • Mario Piu’ vs Fabio MC – Invaders
  • Norman DJ – Go Back (Club Mix)
  • Kaze – The Voice
  • Marc Dawn – Expander
  • Hardenbrook – Time For Summer (Club Mix)
  • Mikado – No Sleep (DJ Wag Mix)
  • Meteor Seven – Universal Music (DJ Scott Project Mix)
  • Altitude – Altitude (S.H.O.K.K. Remix)

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