Free Tracks from Beatport and Native Instruments

Native Instruments, in cooperation with Beatport, are offering registered users an exclusive offer: Download 8 tracks for free, in 320kbps quality, that showcase the wide range of musical genres available at the Beatport.

You can also download an additional 7 free tracks, all seamlessly blended into a DJ mix by John Acquaviva. The cool feature about this mix is that it’s in the form of an automation file that mixes the individual tracks automatically in exactly the same way that John Acquaviva did initially. To play the ‘Native Mix’ file, download the free TRAKTOR Beatport Player or you can use TRAKTOR DJ Studio.

The free TRAKTOR Beatport audio player is based on the professional TRAKTOR DJ technology and was especially designed for Beatport. As well as offering powerful playlist functionality and compatibility to several different audio formats, it is also equipped with some basic DJ functionality. Get straight into the mix or listen to one of the mixes available from Beatport in the Native Mix format.

Native says “Have fun with the free music and we hope you enjoy taking a sneak peek over John’s shoulder whilst he’s in the mix.”

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