FXMax Updates FX Teleport, Giga Teleport and Giga VST Adapter

FXMax has announced updates to FX Teleport, Giga Teleport and Giga VST Adapter.

FX Teleport, a DAW networking solution, was updated to 1.04

  • Added silence threshold to optimize network traffic
  • Added scrollbar on server
  • Added German manual
  • Refined support for multihomed hosts and servers
  • Fixed compatibility issues with Halion 3, SX 3/Nuendo 3, Crystal, Waves 5, Voxengo Pristine Space, VB FFX4, Korg Legacy, …
  • Fixed slow scan of remote effects

Please read more about FX Teleport at http://www.fx-max.com/fxt/

Full featured trial version is available at http://www.fx-max.com/fxt/download.html


Giga VST Adapter is a tool allowing to use Giga Studio within any VST compatible host.

Giga Teleport connects Giga Studio running on dedicated computer to VST-compatible host using only local network.

New in version 1.01

  • Fixed external ports 2-8 bug
  • Added option to do not use Kernel Midi with GS3. Default setting is not using Kernel Midi. It is useful for workarounding Tascam’s bug with stucked notes when a lot of data transmitted. To enable Kernel Midi use http://fx-max.com/gt/setup/gs3km.reg To disable Kernel Midi use http://fx-max.com/gt/setup/gs3mme.reg
  • Added German manual

Please read more about Giga VST Adapter and Giga Teleport at the FXMax site.

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