Korg Intros Kaptivator Video Station

korg kaptivatorKorg has introduced the kaptivator Dynamic Video Station, an instrument that allows VJs and video artists to create unprecedented live video performances.

The kaptivator is completely self-contained, and allows the user to sample, store, mix, process and play back hundreds of video clips — plus live video — in real time, without the need for any additional equipment. It features a familiar, intuitive user interface that facilitates fast and smooth operation of multiple tasks — from video sampling to playback, from mixing to applying effects. Real-time expression and control are provided via rotary knobs, a slider and a ribbon controller.

The kaptivator can sample and save up to 800 video clips (106 minutes maximum), which can be accessed and played using 16 clip pads. The pads are arranged in two groups of eight, with each group acting as a separate source. Adding an external video signal (a camera, for example) provides three video sources simultaneously. Two built-in 2.5-inch LCD screens — ideal for VJs in cramped booths — provide multiple views for real-time monitoring of the live video input, saved clips, as well as the contents of all 16 clip pads.

Fifteen effects, including Invert, Blurring and Colorize, provide dynamic manipulation and enhancement of any video performance. Effects such as speed change, reverse, random playback and scratch can easily be added during playback. Fifteen routing schemes allow the user to select a variety of insert points from among video sources and mixes of sources. Users can save and edit up to 100 Styles, for instant recall of video signal routing, effects and controller setups. The kaptivator’s Motion Sequence function can record and play back real-time controller movements and effect changes, such as switching between clips, moving the slider and more. Up to 100 Motion Sequences can be stored and recalled.

Other features include a stereo audio trigger input that can detect BPM or dynamics from an external audio source, allowing the tempo of the music to control video playback. A Main Out Capture function allows up to eight seconds of the mixed and processed video output to be resampled. It can then be used as a third video input source for even greater creative flexibility.

In addition to PAL and NTSC compatibility, The kaptivator’s Composite and S-video inputs and outputs, as well as DV in and out and MIDI I/O, allow it to easily interface with almost any system and transfer video creations to a computer hard drive, if desired. The internal 40 GB hard drive provides plenty of storage for user video clips. A generous collection of immediately usable video clips created by cutting edge video artists is supplied as well.

The Korg kaptivator will be available in late summer at a U.S. MSRP of $2500.

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