AmpliTube UNO Now Available as a Free Download from IK

IK Multimedia UNO Guitar AmpAmpliTube Uno is a free, single amp and stand-alone application, designed to demonstrate the phenomenal quality and potential of the AmpliTube line of products. It includes the critically acclaimed crunch and distortion models from AmpliTube.

AmpliTube UNO contains one amp and one distortion pedal effect. The distortion effect is modeled after an analog solid-state overdrive stomp box. This is a warm, rich and versatile overdrive pedal that can saturate itself and overdrive the amp as well. The Crunch Model is the same one offered in the full version of AmpliTubeThis model features an EQ stage with Lo, Mid and Hi tone control circuitry that recreates the authentic response of the modeled amp. It also features an input gain control and an overall output level control.

AmpliTube UNO is available as a free download from the IK Multimedia site.

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