Bob Moog Remembered

bob moogFans of Bob Moog and his work met at the Orange Peel nightclub in Asheville, NC. Wednesday to honor and remember Moog and his work. Moog died Sunday at his home in Asheville of an inoperable brain tumor.

His son, Matt Moog, set the tone early when he welcomed the first mourners. “To those of you who are wearing ties, I think my dad would appreciate it if you took them off,” he said.

One of the most touching parts of the ceremony occurred when one of Moog’s former students and business partners, Steve Dunington, played “Amazing Grace” on the Moog synthesizer to a silent room.

Another highlight was an appearance by composer Wendy Carlos. Carlos played several recordings of music that featured her playing on her own Moog synthesizer. “He was a scientist who spoke music,” she said. “I was a musician who spoke science.”

Despite his accomplishments, Moog tended to deflect the spotlight away from himself – a humility that friends said was genuine. “He did not see himself as a guru of the music world,” said composer Herb Deutsch, who helped Moog build some of his first synthesizers in the mid-1960s.

Source: Wilmington Star

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