ElectroKraft Intros Light Theremin MIDI Controller

ElectroKraft Lunar ModuleElectroKraft has introduced the Lunar Module, an alternative controller that uses photocells to enable theremin-like control of MIDI signals. The Lunar Module can be plugged into any synthesizer, keyboard or drum machine with MIDI input to create sounds not before possible.

“I have created an exciting alternative MIDI controller that will produce sounds and rhythms not before possible with currently available midi controllers,” says ElectroKraft’s Tony Amendolare. “The Lunar Module will transform your store bought sound modules, synths and drum machines into completely new instruments.”

“Each one is hand made and can be customized to add controller options like pitch bend, sustain, modulation wheel, etc,” adds Amendolare. “Customizing can be done before or anytime after purchase.”


  • Photocell control: Use your hands to control the amount of light or shadow that reaches each photocell. Control any midi receiving device like a Theremin.
  • Standard controls include sound bank change, note on/off, octave changes, and an “all sounds off” button.
  • Customizing: Through custom programming an array of options can be added to the “Lunar Module” like pitch bend, sustain, modulation wheel, etc.

Buy Now & Customize Later:
Each Lunar Module can be programmed to add custom control features before shipping. If you’d like to add other control features to compliment a new sound module, synth or drum machine you can do so anytime after purchase.

Satisfaction Guaranteed:
If after purchase you are not satisfied for any reason you may return the “Lunar Module” for a complete refund before 7 days.

If the “Lunar Module” should ever fail it will be repaired or replaced at no cost to the original owner.

The Lunar Module is available direct from ElectroKraft.com for $249.00, with free shipping in the continental U.S.

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