HAO Intros Sole Pressure Tweed-Style Overdrive

Booster overdriveGodlyke Inc. has announced a new addition to the HAO line of hand-built effects, the SP-1 Sole Pressure booster/overdrive for guitar.

Originally designed as a low frequency booster, the Sole Pressure is an ideal pedal for those who want to add more lows and warmth to thin-sounding guitars and generate the fattest tones imaginable. With the Drive knob cranked the SP-1 is reminiscent of overdriven 6V6 tubes in the legendary vintage tweed amps of the 50’s. With Drive and Level controls and a 3-position mini switch (selects from Normal, Bright, and Warm EQ curves) the tonal options of the SP-1 are infinite.

Like all HAO models, the SP-1 is painstakingly built by hand and features the highest quality components and construction techniques available in order to assure maximum performance. The Sole Pressure features an extremely rugged, compact chassis with a retro-style hammer-tone finish; Effect LED indicator; true bypass switching using a 3PDT switch; 9-volt battery or AC power operation; and a three-year parts and labor warranty.

More information on HAO hand built effects is available at the Godlyke site.

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