Mix it Like a Record

Kagi Media has announced Mix It Like A Record, a DVD/Pro Tools session based mixing course taught by multi-platinum, Grammy-winning engineer, mixer and producer Charles Dye.

A comprehensive mixing course, where Dye (Lauryn Hill, Jon Bon Jovi, Sammy Hagar, Julio Iglesias) goes into the studio to teach how to get record-quality mixes. Featuring three hours of instruction and 40 Pro Tools TDM & LE sessions on the ROM layer.

“Charles Dye has tackled a topic I wouldn’t even know where to begin with, and succeeds with Mix It Like A Record,” says 12 time Grammy-winning producer, engineer, and mixer Eric Schilling (Shakira, David Bowie, Gloria Estefan, Barbara Streisand). “The DVD and Pro Tools sessions create a framework for the subject of mixing that provide a path to jump-start the learning process—bypassing much trial and error.”

Shot at Supersonic Studios in Miami, a beautiful ICON-based control room, the lessons dive deep into the heart of mixing by dissecting a mix; channel by channel, plug-in by plug-in, and automation move by move. Laying bare the reasoning behind every single tweak of Dye’s mix.

To discuss mixing theories and reinforce their message, Kagi and Dye go on location. Creating Depth and Space in Your Mix, for example, was shot against the expansive backdrop of nothing less than the Grand Canyon, exemplifying the scope of the project and lengths Mix It Like A Record goes to teach mixing.

“Finally! A comprehensive guide to mixing a record,” says Grammy-winning producer and songwriter Tim Mitchell (Mandy Moore, Jon Secada, Shakira, Bob Seger). “Charles unlocks the mystery behind the usage of compression, EQ, saturation, separation and effects on each instrument, and how they relate to each other with respect to the final mix. This DVD is a valuable tool and guide for so many of us that did not attend engineering school, but want to be able to Mix It Like A Record.”

DVD Video

Stylistically ranging from cinematic to MTV-edgy, the video is designed to be highly educational and entertaining. Using full screen interface shots detailing every mix decision, topics include: making the digital mix buss sound analog; getting great sounds on every instrument; adding dynamics and excitement with automation; lead vocal rides; and creating an ever evolving mix keeping the listener’s attention from first bar to last. Theory chapters include: what defines that “record” sound; keeping your mixing style fresh; using distortion to your advantage; and making magic happen.

Pro Tools Sessions

Compatible with all systems (HD Accel, HD, MIX, LE and M-Powered), the sessions center around a great song, arrangement, recording and production. Also included are dedicated Sony and Waves sessions, session templates, and plug-in presets. Combined they can be an entry point to professional production and mixing, a benchmark reference set against ongoing mix efforts, and an enduring catalyst in the quest for better sound.

Mix It Like A Record provides hundreds of tips and techniques on plug-ins by Digidesign, DUY, Focusrite, iZotope, Line6, McDSP, Princeton Digital, Sony Oxford, SoundToys, TL Labs, Unique Recording Software (URS), Universal Audio, and Waves.

“It’s amazing how much information Dye gets in there,” says producer, artist and songwriter Tommy Torres (Ricky Martin, Son by Four, Jaci Velasquez, Paulina Rubio). “It’s taken me about 20 years, working with the best mixers in the business, to grasp most of the concepts he so effortlessly explained on this DVD, and still I learned a couple of new ones. I only wish Mix It Like A Record was made 20 years ago.”

Additional information and streaming trailers at http://www.harddisklife.com.

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