First Gas-Powered MP3 Player

gas mp3 playerToshiba has developed the first gas-powered MP3 player.

Before you plan on gassing up your player, though, keep in mind that the device is a proof-of-concept developed to highlight the capabilities of new portable fuel-cell technology.

Toshiba Corporation has developed two prototype direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) units and begun tests to validate their operation with mobile audio players. Each unit integrates the DMFC that Toshiba announced in June 2004, the world’s smallest, bringing its practical use a major step closer.

The prototype players include components related to the fuel-cell testing and are W35mm x L110mm x D20mm (flash memory) and W65mm x L125mm x D27mm (HDD) with the fuel cell units. These sizes can be reduced substantially by removing the extra components and applying optimal design for commercial products.

Source: Podcasting News

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