AAS Intros the Modeling Collection

Applied Acoustics Systems has introduced the AAS Modeling Collection. The collection comprises the entire AAS line of products – Tassman 4, Lounge Lizard EP-2, Ultra Analog VA-1 and String Studio VS-1 – at the price of $499.

The AAS instruments are based on the most advanced physical modeling technology available today for unmatched sound quality, feel and creative possibilities. They include sound libraries which constitute an unprecedented variety of sounds and textures covering every musical style and sound design need.

String Studio VS-1 – String Modeling Synthesizer

Play guitars, basses, clavinets, ethereal pads, organic textures, and lots of other-worldly sounds with the realism and expressiveness of real string instruments.

Ultra Analog VA-1 – Virtual Analog Synthesizer

Ultra Analog takes you onto a journey through all the colors of the analog spectrum – from vintage synthesizers to modern VAs – with every control at your fingertips.

Lounge Lizard EP-2 – The Electric Piano

Once you get your hands on Lounge Lizard, that elusive electric piano sound becomes reality – Imagine an electric piano that you can tweak in seconds for that perfect vibe.

Tassman 4 – Sound Synthesis Studio

If your wildest dreams have been to create monster hybrids that process and synthesize by combining subtractive, additive, FM and acoustic objects, then give Tassman a warm welcome. If not, just load one of the thousand included patches and play away.

Pricing and Availability

The Modeling Collection is available now from the AAS online store for $499. This is also the chance for registered AAS users to obtain other products at a reduced price – Upgrade paths are available for users who already own 1 or 2 AAS products at the price of $375 and $249 respectively.

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