Pump Organ Released

Precisionsound has released Langegard Pump Organ.

The Langegard Pump Organ is a 5 octave Swedish pump organ chromatically sampled and recorded in stereo.

You get 2 different sounds and both notes, releases and noise (separate sound of the pumping and more.) samples for maximum realism.

The SampleSet contains 280 24bit (HALion Kontakt) 16bit (SoundFont) wav samples and 7 different programs:

  • Langegard 1 No Release
  • Langegard 1 release only
  • Langegard 1 (HALion Kontakt only)
  • Langegard 2 No Release
  • Langegard 2 release only
  • Langegard 2 (HALion Kontakt only)
  • Langegard noises

More information is available at the PrecisionSound site.

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