Q-Be – World’s Tiniest MP3 Player

Q Be with SupermodelSupportPlus has introduced what they are calling the world’s smallest MP3 player. The Q-Be measures just 2.4 cubic centimetres square, and weighs 18 grams.

The new MP3 player is not only amazingly tiny, but, based on the photos at the Q-Be site, appears to have mesmerizing powers over supermodels.

The Q-Be (pronounced: Quubie) is about the size of an ice cube. Its casing has a matt finish in black, orange or pink.

MP3 and WMA files can be stored on the Q-Be. There are two different storage capacities available, 512 and 1024 megabytes. The battery can run for up to twelve hours without needing to be re-charged.

All settings and information can be viewed on the OLED display.


In addition to playing music files, the tiny cube can also be used as an external hard drive for storing all kinds of data.

The Q-Be comes with trendy white earphones and a neck band, as well as a protective case and a USB cable.

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