Edirol Intros 64-bit Drivers for Audio and MIDI Interfaces

EDIROL Corporation has announced the release of Version 1.0 drivers for Windows x64. EDIROL had previously released beta versions of 64-bit drivers and is now offering fully-supported Version 1.0 drivers to meet EDIROL’s demanding standard for driver implementation.

The introduction of 64-bit drivers allows EDIROL’s existing user base to take full advantage of their 64-bit hardware. While most 32-bit software applications will operate on a 64-bit computing system, a true 64-bit driver is required for all hardware peripherals including audio and MIDI interfaces

With the introduction of fully-supported 64-bit drivers for existing interface products, EDIROL continues to support its position as the leader in audio interface driver technology for both the Widows and the Macintosh platforms. EDIROL recently introduced the world’s first USB 2.0 Hi-Speed Drivers for Mac OS X Tiger for the EDIROL UA-101 USB 2.0 Audio Interface.

Kim Nunney, president of EDIROL North America comments: “We are very excited to once again be on the forefront of delivering the next evolution in computer-based music and multimedia production with the introduction of fully supported 64-bit drivers for our interfaces. The potential performance gains of 64-bit computer systems and the extension of the amount of useable physical RAM from 2 Gigabytes to 128 Gigabytes will provide users with a newfound potential for working with CPU and RAM intensive projects.” He continues: “We are proud to be able to support our existing and future EDIROL users with the option of experiencing 64-bit computing using their current EDIROL interface.”

64-bit drivers are available for the following EDIROL Interfaces:

UA-1000, UA-101, UA-25, UA-20, UA-5, UA-3FX, UA-1EX, UA-700, UM-880, UM-550, UM-3, UM-2EX/2, UM-1EX/1SX/1X/1S/1, PCR-M1/M30/M50/M80/30/50/80, PC-50, PCR-A30, PCR-1,

SD-90/80/20 and M-100FX

64-bit drivers are available for download from the Edirol site.

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  1. I have a edirol pc-80, does anyone got a sollution to use it on windows 10 64 bit? I tried to use a virtual machine but the sound doesnt work properlly… There is any generic or universal drivers for this kind of hardware? ive heard that some people are getting success on usin ipads and android phones/tablets thought USB.

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