Native Announces Reakt LA Event

Native Instruments has announced REAKT, a special performance event showcasing REAKTOR 5 and its multitudinous creative aspects. Guests can expect their senses to be inspired by a series of live music performances designed with instruments from the REAKTOR 5 arsenal, and a unique interactive audio-visual installation featuring both REAKTOR synthesizers and visual synthesis based on Derivative Inc.’s “Touch” software.

REAKT will take place at the Hangar 1018 gallery in Los Angeles on Friday October 14th, 2005. A series of innovative live performances come from an NI cast and a number of guests from the Los Angeles experimental music, film and sound design scene, including Soundelux: Featuring Mikael Sandgren and Tom Ozanich, Logreybeam, Deru, Too Many Mistakes, RD vs Sariah Storm, Christian Kjeldsen and more.

Guests will also be able to jam together on multiple computer systems running REAKTOR 5 synthesizers synchronized via OSC technology (Open Sound Control), at the same time sending signals to Derivative Inc.’s visual synthesizers and thereby creating an individual audio-visual performance in real-time.

Also on display at REAKT is the “Reaktor Museum”, which presents the history of NI´s modular synthesis software from its early GENERATOR days to the sound design powerhouse that it is today; and the “User Forum Lounge”, where REAKTOR users can show off their own instrument designs.

The event starts at 9pm, entry is free. Directions to Hangar 1018 are available at

REAKT is sponsored by AMD, Gigabyte Technology, and Shuttle Computer Group.

Additional information on the REAKT event is available at

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