Amplitube Gets Hard

amplitube controllerIK Multimedia has announced the development of its first hardware product, AmpliTube StompIO, an advanced USB foot controller for AmpliTube 2 software. StompIO will control AmpliTube 2’s 4,000 instantly playable presets in a traditional stomp box pedal fashion.

For the first time, StompIO will offer the same feeling of working with traditional floor-processors, but with a modeling power that’s unheard of. 10 foot switches, 7 knobs, 2 large displays, up to 6 configurable external controllers, MIDI IN/OUT, hi-quality direct IN, USB, SPDIF, balanced/unbalanced stereo OUT and more all in a rugged metal construction allows you to navigate to all of AmpliTube 2’s thousands of amps and sounds.

Controls list:

  • 4 digits large display LCD
  • 40X2 Large alphanumeric display of characters
  • volume knob
  • 3 LED levels
  • 4 navigation buttons
  • instant Tuner recall button
  • 6 knobs with rotary encoders
  • 10 foot switches
  • ability to connect 6 external controllers, with pedal/switch connections

Amplitube controller

Pricing has not been announced yet.

More information is available at the IK Multimedia site.

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