Tone-Tools Expands Fat Cat Vintage Speaker Cabinet Series

Tone Tools 212mbTone-Tools has introduced a new guitar speaker cabinet. Created originally for studio guitarist Stephen Boykin, the Fat Cat 212MB is a cabinet designed to enhance the classic British guitar amplifier.

According to Tone-Tools, the closed back, front ported design enhances sound projection and overall tone. The Fat Cat 212MB is handcrafted from Birch multi-ply with dovetailed joinery and includes a lifetime structural guarantee. The sound of the 212MB is warm and thick, offering a great opportunity for some classic vintage tones, especially with vintage speakers or even re-issues.

The cabinet weighs in at 40 pounds (without speakers), and measures 23″T x 29″W x 10.5″D. It is also available in a variety of different finishes.

Pricing starts at $429.00, includes standard coverings but can be customized to meet customer requests.

More information is available at the Tone-Tools site.

2 thoughts on “Tone-Tools Expands Fat Cat Vintage Speaker Cabinet Series

  1. CaS aZERA is the owner of tone-tools, and also a swindler. He sell me one cab, I pay it but never recieve it, one year after!!!
    One year ignoring my emails or repling with thousand of excuses

    Don´t buy nothing to this guy!

    LOOK OUT!!!

  2. I know what you mean… Cabinets looked great, it's obvious he got himself into some trouble, because everyone has the same story, paid for cabs, never got any. I guess if you were an early customer of his you did. Now the guy has dropped off the planet. Was working for a construction company in Florida. Not there either… say goodbye to your dough…

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