Livid Intros Virtual Video Controller

Livid has introduced Virtual V4 Element. This Element turns the popular Edirol V-4 video mixer into a comprehensive control surface for Livid’s Union real-time video performance software.

Livid introduced Elements earlier this year, empowering third party developers, artists, and students with the ability to create custom “plug-ins” for Livid software. The Virtual V-4 Element is designed by Livid to take advantage of the MIDI capabilities of the video mixer and turn it into a software controller. With one MIDI cable, a V-4, and a laptop, Livid has significantly decreased the amount of gear and cables needed for live video production, while doubling the output capabilities.

“With the increasing speed and performance of personal computers, video designers are moving towards software-based video mixing with hardware based components” states Peter Nyboer, Livid’s Director of software. “The Virtual V-4 bridges the gap between the two giving both hardware and software users all the flexibility and control they need.”

The Virtual V-4 extends the functionality of the Edirol video mixer by giving it direct access to Union’s interface. Hundreds of effects parameters can be assigned to the V-4’s knobs, thousands of video files can be triggered, and live camera feeds manipulated, all in addition to the expansive set of tools and modules already available in Union. The built-in MIDI setup instantly programs an Edirol V4 for MIDI capability, reducing the need to navigate cumbersome menus.

Source: Livid Instruments

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