PowerFX Intros Swiss Army Synth

PowerFX has introduced a new VSTi plug-in for Windows, the Swiss Army Synth, designed to give creative musicians a simple but powerful synth with big, raw sound files and dynamic FX controls to create unique sounds for under $20.

Swiss Army Synth uses sample-based subtractive synthesis and comes with 17 bass patches, 15 synth lead patches, 19 pad patches and a money back guarantee.


  • Sound generation: Sample-based subtractive synthesis
  • Polyphony limit: 256 voices
  • Sound sources: Samples, analogue-style oscillators (alias-free)
  • Filters/Effects: LP, LP ladder, distortion, comb-filter, frequency shifter, bit/sample rate-reduction, formant-filter, gate, delay, chorus, stereo-widener, frequency shift based flanger.

Source: PowerFX

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