New Guitar Sample Library for Kontakt 2

Prominy LPC Guitar SamplesProminy has released the LPC Electric Guitar Libraries, capturing the sound of Gibson Les Paul Custom and including over 60 Gigabytes, approximately 150,000 samples, in Kontakt 2 format.

Included are:

  • Over 7,200 .nki files – Single note, 5th-dyad chord, 4th-dyad chord, mute (tight, medium, loose), octave, vibrato (single note, 5th-dyad cord, 4th-dyad chord, octave), single bend, unison bend, stationary bend, double bend, legato slide, pinch harmonic, various chords, picking noises, scrape, etc.
  • Legato Slide – A number of sampled legato slide techniques; From Seminole (1 fret) to 1 octave (12 frets), multiple tempos and velocity options for every single note, 5th-dyad chord, 4th-dyad chord2, and octave playing styles
  • Various chords played by up, down, fast, and slow strokes – major, minor, 7th, minor7th, major7th , add9th, 7th-9th, major7th-9th, sus4th, dim7th, #9th, minor9th, major3rd(vibrato), major (picking harmonics), open chords, etc. Clean and Distorted, both timbres of the electric guitar are included.
  • Huge number of picking noises are recorded in multiple forms on all frets and strings.

Clean only version and distortion only versions are also available. (Over 3,600 .nki files over 30 Gigabytes, approximately 75,000 samples in each)

The Kontakt format discs are shipped with the GIGA format discs. (Both are included in one package.)

Price: Full version $599.00 Clean only or Distortion only version $349.00

More information is available via the Prominy site.

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