MultitrackStudio Updated

Bremmers Audio Design has released of the 4.0 version of MultitrackStudio, the audio / MIDI multitrack recording program for Windows.

MultitrackStudio, first released in 2001, has been designed with tape-based recording in mind, making it easy to learn, yet powerful. The 4.0 release focuses on working faster, easier and with more power.

Offline mixdown has been added to reduce mixdown times. The Overview Bar makes navigating through the song easier, as do the reworked editors.


Tempo can be extracted from audio or MIDI tracks, provided it contains “beat taps.” Data can be copied from one track to the other using drag-and-drop. Audio to MIDI or MIDI to audio conversion is done automatically if necessary. Audio to MIDI conversion works with monophonic audio only. Instruments like guitars can be tuned using the Tuner effect.

The Pro Plus edition features mixer and effects automation, and a Guitar Amp effect. The Wheel Organ add-on is now included with the Pro Plus edition.


  • MultitrackStudio Pro Plus: $119
  • MultitrackStudio Professional: $69

Requirements: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP, 600 MHz CPU

More information is available at the MultitrackStudio site.

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