Various – The Now Sound of Brazil

The Ziriguiboom label is a leading source of modern Brazilian music. The Now Sound of Brazil brings together some great tracks from this label, providing a satisifying introduction to some artists you may not be familiar with, and Brazilian electronica.

The CD is a Six Degrees release that features music of the Ziriguiboom label. Ziriguiboom is best known for its Brazilian electronica artists, including Suba, Bebel Gilberto and Bossacucanova. The Now Sound of Brazil has tracks from these artists, along with Zuco 103, Cibelle, Celso Fonseca, Erlon Chaves, and Trio Mocotó. The CD showcases some of the best-known modern Brazilian musicians, but also some great tracks from less familiar artists.

Suba, a producer that made his mark with his work with Brazilian artists, contributes the first track, Tantos Desejos. This dreamy track is a great starter. It mixes danceable beats with lanquid vocals and instrumental work. Suba’s style has been a significant influence on other artists, too, so it provides a great introduction to the music that follows.

The CD is full of great cuts from bands that offer a variety of views of Brazilian music. Bossacucanova has a unique sound that combines breakbeats and remix tecniques with Brazilian jazz artistry. Bebel Gilberto’s music combines electronica and the jazzy sound of her father, Joao Gilberto, a pioneer of Brazilian samba. Zuco 103 mixes in some modern dance sound, with a heavy soul influence. Erlon Chaves Cosa Nostra is infectious and shows a house influence, and featuring great Latin percussion work.

The CD ends with Trio Mocoto’s Os Orixas, an upbeat carnival-type track that removes any doubt that Brazilian music is some of the sexiest and most danceable in the world.

All the tracks are strong, and they make up a good collection. With beats strong enough for dancing, and melodies lyrical enough for just chilling, the CD will provides a tanalizing taste of modern Brazilian music.


  • Suba – Tantos Desejos (Nicola Conte remix)
  • Bossacucanova feat. Carlos Lyra – Influência do Jazz
  • Bebel Gilberto – Tanto Tempo (Peter Kruder remix)
  • Zuco 103 – Outro Lado (Charles Webster remix)
  • Suba – Segredo Listen Listen
  • Bossacucanova & Roberto Menescal – Guanabara
  • Cibelle – Dia de Yemanjá
  • Celso Fonseca – Bom Sinal
  • Bebel Gilberto – Sem Contenção
  • Erlon Chaves – Cosa Nostra (Raw Deal remix)
  • Zuco 103 – Treasure (Boris Dlugosch + Michi Lange Hitechsoul Reprise)
  • Trio Mocotó – Os Orixás

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