miniMusic Updates Palm Music App

beatpadminiMusic has upgraded BeatPad software, part of their Pro Music Suite. The Krikit Audio Engine has been added, bringing BeatPad up to date with the other professional applications from miniMusic. The new software bundle includes BeatPad, SoundPad, and NotePad.

BeatPad is a pattern based music sequencer. Looping patterns can be edited while they play so the user can hear each change they make. Patterns can include both melodic and drum tracks, and can be chained together for up to 128 step loops. This new version also adds a new Library screen to store and organize multiple banks of patterns, and can now export patterns as standard MIDI files.

The Pro Music Suite also includes NotePad and SoundPad. NotePad is the leading music notation software for the Palm Platform, letting you enter notes onto music staff, with an on-screen piano, or drawn onto a “piano roll” graphic interface. SoundPad is a sound design workshop for the Krikit Audio Engine, featuring multiple oscillators, ADSR envelopes for every oscillator, and simple sound bank management and instrument mapping.

The Krikit Synth requires an OS 5 (Cobalt) handheld, like the palmOne Treo 600 or 650, the Tungsten T, T2, T3, T5 or TX, the Tungsten C, the Tungsten E or E2, The Zire 31, 71 and 72, Tapwave Zodiac 1 or 2, Sony Clie UX40, UX50, TJ35 or similar models. All miniMusic software will work on older handhelds, but some features will not be available.

BeatPad 1.1 is available now for $29.95 from the miniMusic website or other on-line retailers. The Pro Music Suite (including BeatPad, NotePad and SoundPad) is available for $69.95 from miniMusic and will be available in some stores. BeatPad is also available in the Handheld Music Suite (includes NotePad, BeatPad, EarTrain, and BugBand) for $69.95. Educational discounts and site licenses are also available for all miniMusic products. Free demos of BeatPad, NotePad, SoundPad and other software titles are currently available for download. Developers may license the Krikit Audio Engine to add enhanced sound to their products.

More information is available at the miniMusic site.

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