M-Audio Releases ProSession 24-Bit Audio Library

ProSessions 24M-Audio has released the ProSessions 24 collection, a collection of samlple libraries featuring 24-bit sound.

Mike Garson Signature Piano

Mike Garson is one of today’s top keyboardists, renowned for his spontaneous blending of rock, classical and jazz. Well known for decades of collaboration with David Bowie, he has also worked with Nine Inch Nails and many other artists. Garson recorded this extensive loop collection on his Yamaha Disklavier exclusively for M-Audio. The MIDI files are also provided, allowing for more synthetic textures with MIDI hardware or software instruments. As with all of his work, this collection reflects the pure genius of a true modern musical master. Mike Garson Signature Piano includes both Acidized WAV files at 24-bit–approximately 700MB total.

Antonio Dilillo Signature Electro Patterns Vol 1.

Italian producer Antonio Dilillo of Cluster Sound demonstrates his flair for electro industrial sound in this intense collection. This title is designed to electo-fi tracks with the infusion of glitchy breaks, digital synths, microbeats and disjointed rhythms. This outstanding collection features approximately 1.5GB of 24-bit Acidized WAV and REX2 files.

Jimmy Chamberlin Signature Drums Vol. 1.

Known for his work with Smashing Pumpkins and Zwan, Jimmy Chamberlin is a well-seasoned drummer with an itch for technology. Chamberlin combines his talents with both skins and electronics in this superbly sampled and immediately useful drum library. Vol. 1 is the first in a 4-part series containing his trademark rhythms. Jimmy Chamberlin Signature Drums Vol.1 contains approximately 500MB of 24-bit samples in both Acidized WAV and REX2 formats, as well as a “Making of” video showing this consummate pro in action.

Bunker 8 Beyond Foley Vol. 1–Inorganic & Vol. 2–Organic.

Bunker 8 delivers two DVDs of sound effects libraries for Foley work. Bunker 8 Beyond Foley Vol. 1–Inorganic is loaded with manmade sounds such as hits, crashes, clothing, kitchen, bathroom, office, tools, transportation, stereo ambiences and much more. Bunker 8 Beyond Foley Vol. 2–Organic has every natural sound you can think of including human breathing, body sounds, water, nature, animals, breaks, smashes, crushes, drops, outdoor ambience, otherworldly sounds and more. Both volumes also include an easy-to-use interface for navigating by category.

The initial ProSessions 24 titles are now shipping with a retail price of just $49.95 each.

More information is available at the ProSessions site.

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