M-Audio Intros ProSessions Libraries

prosessionsM-Audio has introduced the ProSessions Producer series of instrument libraries. Co-produced by Sonic Implants in EXS24, HALion, Kontakt, MachFive and Reason formats, ProSessions Producer is a library of ensembles drawn from the vaults of the renowned soundware developers at Sonic Implants. All are designed for maximum playability and realism.

The initial launch of the ProSessions Producer series includes five titles:

Orchestral Strings

The Orchestral Strings collection features musicians from the Boston Pops and Boston Ballet Orchestra recorded by 2001 Emmy award-winning engineer Antonio Oliart and RIAA award-winning engineer John Bono. Orchestral Strings includes violins, violas, cellos and double bass sections as well as combined ensembles. The sounds were recorded with natural ambience and a plethora of playing styles.

Orchestral Brass

Featuring French horns, trombones, trumpets and tubas in a variety of playing styles, Orchestral Brass is designed to be the perfect orchestral complement to Orchestral Strings. As with Orchestral Strings, this volume features world-class players from the Boston Pops and Boston Ballet Orchestra recorded by award-winning engineers.

Heavy Guitars

Heavy Guitars delivers a fantastic palette ranging from ultra-crunchy to gritty “Old Skool” classic rock. You’ll find a wide spectrum of articulations including tones, sustains, effects and tons of chords.

Electric Bass Vol. 1–Rock

This title delivers bottom end with an edge. Bass Vol.1–Rock features three different basses with multiple variations. Electric Bass Vol. 1–Rock is great for driving hard rock, metal, or punk, right down to that classic sound you can only get when a bass is played with a pick.

Afro-Cuban Percussion

Afro-Cuban Percussion includes tons of variations in articulated hits for each instrument, as well as up to four multi-velocity samples from soft to loud to deliver the full nuances of a professional performance. Afro-Cuban Percussion includes afoxe, agogo bells, ankle bells, berimbau, bongos, caxixi, cha cha bells, claves, three congas (quinto, secundo, tumbadora), three cowbells (hi/mid/low), cuica, finger snaps, frogs eggs, Cuban guiro, meringue guiro, jam bocks, large basket, maracas, pandiero, reco reco, repenique, samba whistles, sencero, three Surdos (bombo, cortador, macana), tamborim, timbales, timbalitos, and vibraslap.

Orchestral Strings and Orchestral Brass carry an MSRP of $119.95 USD. Heavy Guitars, Electric Bass Vol. 1–Rock and Afro-Cuban Percussion are $99.95 MSRP.

More information is available at the M-Audio site.

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