New Web Radio Gets Podcasts Without a Computer

web radioPenguinRadio and Solutions Radio have announced the US release of the Web Radio, a standalone Internet radio appliance that streams Internet radio and podcasts without the need for a personal computer.

“This is not Internet radio for geek,” said Andrew Leyden, CEO of PenguinRadio. “This is Internet Radio for geek’s moms and dads.”

Users plug in the device to their home network, office LAN, or regular telephone line and connect to the PenguinRadio central database of radio stations and podcasts from The radio automatically connects to the Internet and starts streaming media from broadcasters and podcasters around the world. Within seconds, the device with PenguinRadio’s database of stations can be operating with the simplicity of a clock radio.

“This device is part of a growing trend of freeing Internet content from the shackles of the computer. PenguinRadios’s Solutions radio opens up a whole new world of listening for non-computer users – classical music from Vienna or Moscow; sports from Rio De Janeiro or New York; news from London or Hong Kong ; and even multi-faith religious services from around the world,” added Leyden.

The Web Radio device was designed in the Netherlands for church-goers who wanted to listen to daily sermons, but were unable to navigate the complexity of a personal computer and streaming media. There are currently nearly 15,000 Web Radio devices operating throughout Europe.

“There are over 250 million radios in the US homes and one day every radio will work this way,” predicts Leyden. “Internet radio devices will be as common as FM in a few short years, and there will be a large market for radios of all styles and price ranges .

“We felt one of the first markets that needed to be reached was not ‘first adapters’ but ‘first time users’ and have come out with a simple and practical device that fits their unique needs. This device is as plug and play as we could make it and built in a non-complicated and non-threatening design. We plan to introduce legions of new listeners to podcasts and Internet radio,” said Leyden.

The Web Radio is $239 and is available via the PenguinRadio site.

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