iZotope Launches Online Artist Community

iZotope has introduced a new online Artist Community that includes interviews with top music artists, engineers and producers on topics ranging from personal experiences and the creative process to technology and the music business.

“Artists, producers and engineers no longer have to rely on expensive studios and equipment to get great results. Professionally produced audio is now within reach of everyone,” says Mark Ethier of iZotope, “Some of what makes these interviews interesting to read is how these artists have embraced the digital audio revolution to help them become successful.”

A growing list of A-list music and film industry talent is featured, such as outspoken Trance guru BT, Jonathan Davis, leader of the band KoRn, and GRAMMY Award winning engineer, mixer, and producers Husky Höskulds (Sheryl Crow, Norah Jones, Los Lobos) and Charles Dye (Ricky Martin, Lauryn Hill, Shakira, and author of Mix it Like a Record mixing course).

When asked what made him decide to score films, BT responded, “It was riding my bike up to the movie theater when I was a kid and watching Blade Runner. I watched it six times and decided it was the coolest thing I had seen or heard. From that point onward I wanted to score films.”

On the current state of the music scene, Jonathan Davis notes, “Music has changed a lot in the last five years; it’s been a good ten years since we’ve seen a lot of really good bands out there. I think it sucks right now. A lot of music is just churned out and it seems like bands are losing their creative vibe. Everyone is jumping on punk and pop and all this B.S. that I can’t stand.”

When asked if becoming a father has changed his work/life balance, Husky Höskulds says, “It changes you beyond description. All of the BS related to the record business starts rolling off your back, and getting that goodnight or good morning kiss means everything.”

Interviews for iZotope’s Artist Community are ongoing and upcoming additions will include Platinum selling guitarist, singer, and producer Randy Bachman and John Beasley, pianist with Miles Davis, film composer, and Associate Music Director of America Idol.

More information is available at the iZotope site.

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