New Sample Library for Bassaholics

Syntaur Productions’ Bassaholic Zip disk and CD-ROM for the Akai MPC samplers contains 344 bass sounds; it is a compilation of the new “Block Bumpin’ Basses,” “Ghetto Basses,” and “Platinum Basses” floppy-disk sets.

The bass sounds were created by sampling classic analog synths such as the Minimoog, some of the hottest new virtual synths like the Arturia CS-80 and Native Instruments FM7, as well as the finest-quality electric bass guitars.

The 3-floppy-disk set contains 29 instruments, perfect for everything from the boomiest rap tracks to the smoothest HipHop and RnB. And with four variations of each instrument (Banks A through D), there are 116 unique basses in this set.

“Ghetto Basses” was designed specifically with the rap producer in mind. Syntaur put together 116 of the dirtiest and hardest-hitting bass sounds around (four variations of 29 instruments) and put them all into one collection perfectly suited for today’s rap scene. These basses will be a welcome addition to any modern producer’s sonic arsenal.

“Platinum Basses” contains 112 of the biggest, brightest, cleanest, most pristine bass sounds (four variations of 28 instruments), perfect for the platinum producers of today. From electric guitars to Minimoogs, these basses covers the bases for RnB, HipHop, and dance tracks.

Each of these sets ships on three floppy disks, with sounds on every pad in all four Banks, for $29.95 per set. The “Bassaholic” compilation (CD-ROM or Zip Disk) contains the entire collection (all three complete bass sets) for $79.95. The sets are compatible with the Akai MPC2000, 2000xl, 3000, or 4000. “Bassaholic” is also offered in WAV format (CD-ROM) for $59.95, or on Compact Flash Card (for the MPC1000) for $79.95.

More information and audio demos are available at the Syntaur site.

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