New Version of Classic Nanoloop Game Boy Sequencer Introduced

nanoloopAn updated version of Nanoloop has been announced, version 1.3. Nanoloop is a cartridge for Game Boys that lets them be used for creating sequenced music.

Nanoloop 2.0 is available, but “some users miss the unique rough sound of the old Game Boy models and the simplicity of the old nanoloop versions.” To meet the interest of these users, an updated version of 1.2 is being released.

Nanoloop 1.3 is similar to the original 1.2, but usage is simplified and some bugs have been fixed. The main differences to 1.2 are more memory (16 banks / songs instead of 4, individual wavetable and tempo settings for each bank), better pitch control (fine and slow pitch bend / lfo, simple arpeggio) and two separated r-channels (= total 4 channels instead of 3).

Loops are saved in flash memory (instead of battery-buffered SRAM), so there is no risk of data loss. Graphics are also faster,.

The program is stored in flash memory (instead of fixed ROM) and can be upgraded. However, there are no plans for frequent patches. Program flash ROM is only 32 kB and data memory is not compatible with standard carts, thus other software like commercial games and also lsdj would not run on this cart.

More information is available at the Nanoloop site.

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