Music From Outer Space Weird Sound Generator.

weird sound generatorRay Wilson’s Music From Outer Space site has added a new synth DIY project, the Weird Sound Generator.

As Wilson describes it, “Whether you need weird sounds for a movie, performance art, neighbor annoyance, or you just like making weird sounds in the woods this circuit is for you. You could put this on a radio shack breadboard and be up and making weird sounds in an hour or so.”

The project is small, cheap, battery powered, quick to construct and can make an interesting variety of sounds.

“If you have kids make one for them and they’ll keep their sticky little hands off of your Moog or Buchla or (and far more importantly) your lovingly crafted synth-diy treasures,” notes Wilson. Modular synthesists take note.

Because of the simplicity of the circuit, it’s becoming a popular DIY project, with many builders hacking the synth into interesting enclosures.

Wilson’s site also features many other DIY projects, including the Sound Lab Mini-Synth.

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