Studio to Go – A Linux-Based Music System

Studio to GoStudio to Go! is a CD of integrated music software that runs direct from a computer CD drive. The CD is designed to run on any Windows compatible PC and to configure itself to the system and sound hardware automatically.

The CD includes a Linux operating system and a large collection of music applications.

The Software

  • Rosegarden 1.2-fervent – Fervent Software’s unique build of this powerful audio and MIDI sequencer and score editor.
  • LilyPond 2.6.1 – Advanced score typesetting for creating beautiful notation output.
  • Linux kernel 2.6.13-fervent with additional low-latency patches and Realtime LSM
  • ALSA Sound Drivers
  • JACK Audio infrastructure
  • KDE Desktop Environment
  • Mixers: QAMix, HDSPMixer, envy24control
  • QJackCtl
  • Vkeybd
  • Ardour (Fervent build)
  • Audacity (Fervent build with JACK support)
  • Rezound
  • Sweep (with JACK support)
  • JAMin
  • JACK Time Machine
  • SooperLooper looping sampler
  • FreeWheeling looping sampler
  • K3b CD/DVD burning
  • KAudioCreator
  • XMMS audio player (with JACK output support)
  • xine video player (with Fervent’s JACK output support)
  • Effects boxes – Creox, JACK Rack, FreqTweak, QMidiArp
  • Softsynths, FluidSynth-DSSI, QSynth, TiMidity++
  • Hydrogen 0.9.2 with additional drumkits
  • Hexter DX7 Modeling Synth
  • Aeolus pipe organ synth
  • ALSA Modular Synth
  • ZynAddSubFX additive/subtractive synth
  • Meterbridge
  • LADSPA plugins: CAPS, TAP, SWH, CMT, REV, PVOC, BLOP plugin sets
  • 300 LADSPA plugins, all categorised.
  • Hexter, FluidSynth, XSynth and mono and stereo sampler DSSI plugins.
  • VST plugins: Elogoxa CosmoGirl2K; NovaKill FEARkILLER; DestroyFX Geometer, Scrubby, Skidder, Transverb. VSTs are supported as plugins in Rosegarden, and as standalone applications anywhere in the JACK processing graph.

System Hardware Requirements

Studio to Go! v1.50 works with most reasonably recent Windows PCs including Pentium and AMD desktops and notebooks:

  • Processor Type: Intel/AMD 32-bit or AMD64 in 32-bit mode
  • Processor Speed: 800MHz minimum; 1.2GHz recommended
  • RAM: 256MB minimum; 512MB recommended
  • Hard Disk: None to run from CD.
  • Minimum 2GB if you wish to install the system to hard disk.

Studio to Go! is available as a download starting at £44.99GBP.

More information is available at the Fervent Software site.

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