Moby Lays Smackdown on Eminem, The Prodigy

MobyIt looks like Moby is reopening the white-boy rap / electronica artist feud. A recent post to his online journal, i’d like to write about misogyny, lays the smack-down on The Prodigy and eminem over their use of misogynistic lyrics.

“i respect the prodigy and i respect eminem as talented and relevant musicians, but i spoke up because i found the misogynystic content of their lyrics(among many others) to be deeply offensive. even if they themselves are not misogynysts,” writes Moby. “i found it irresponsible that they, and many others, would release music that glamourized misogyny.”

He also has harsh words for labels that promote misogynistic music. “any employee of a record company or journalist or radio programmer or mtv employee who has promoted and celebrated misogynystic or homophobic music should be ashamed. you have blood on your hands, and you should be deeply, deeply troubled at the culture that you’ve helped to create.”

Moby’s own lyrics, like “People they come together, People they fall apart; No one can stop us now, ‘Cause we are all made of stars.” have received a certain amount of criticism in the past, too. Critic Rob Mitchum recently wrote about Moby’s Hotel: “Moby has filed away his distinguishing characteristics, and all that’s left is an artist too played out to even be one of Eminem’s punchlines.”

Regardless of what one thinks of Moby’s music, politics or opinions, it’s refreshing to see artists speaking directly to their fans, without a publicist filter, via the Internet.

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  1. Yes Eminem aka Marshall Bruce Mathers III. Lately I’ve become a big fan and can not get too much information or articles about Eminem’s appearances. Have to admit that the posting relating to Eminem caught my attention as I have not called previously. As his father abandoned his house when he was a child the media years has been opportunity for money and mass media exposure which he has taken well, staving off the ruination with way too much coverage and exposure experienced by other famous people. Enjoyed his releases Infinite, Slim Shady, Encore, although the messages sometimes are worrying. Black overtones and not making for a happy world.

  2. did anyone else check out the BBC interview with Eminem when he was bragging his new album wasnt released early? that only makes this so much more interesting

  3. Stop being a douche, Moby.

    I find "Smack my bitch up" to be an amazingly well crafted piece of music and if you watch the music video it's shot from the POV of .. a woman. I find it offensive in the same way that I find the word "fuck" offensive – i.e. depending on the intent behind it I usually don't find it offensive in the least. It's a sample that fit the piece well. You may take it literally, I take it much like I take the lyrics in Underworld's Cowgirl – they just fit and give a certain feeling to the music. It's not an attempt at brainwashing. I really don't get the feeling that The Prodigy released a track hoping to encourage hatred towards women. It's this kind of thinking that causes people to blindly support anything someone can stick a "think of the children" tagline on.

    But all of that aside, sometimes music is a reflection on life. Misogyny exists, and maybe it's not a bad thing that sometimes musicians draw attention to it. When that happens maybe it's a good opportunity to discuss the topic rather than discussing the merits of those who call attention to something you yourself feel is important. Or do you prefer everyone just sweeps it under the rug and pretends it doesn't happen?

    I also know someone who has been the victim of assault. That doesn't mean I can't appreciate the music for what it is. If music evokes a reaction in you based on your experiences maybe it will motivate you to use the resources you have to encourage a positive change. I don't consider lashing out at other artists and the people they work with all that positive or the right direction to go in.

  4. Typical mangina. Pathetic little man, trying to get some pussy, by pretending he is defending womenkind from some straw man.

    The Prodigy clips shows pretty clearly that WOMEN AS WELL AS MEN can be aggressive and anti social. Judging people merely by their gender and not by their acts is stupid.

    Here is some interesting information you should familiarize yourself with:

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