Reboot Stereophonic: God is a Moog

Reboot Stereophonic is an outgrowth of Reboot, a network which engages some of the most talented young Jewish creatives in the music, film, television, technology, politics, literature and media realms. More importantly, they’ve released Gershon Kingsley’s God is a Moog.

god is a moogGod is a Moog is a double album featuring recordings from 1968 to 1974 in which Kingsley attempted to fuse the machine and the divine, using his creativity, the Moog, and a few Proverbs to record everything from meditations on identity and freedom, to a rock opera for the Sabbath (that once included a choir of African-American gospel singers). Kingsley is best known for his pop hit Popcorn.

“We warn you, the album is as infectious as it is intelligent,” notes the site. “After a few spins it’s clear why Gersh has gone on to influence everyone from Kraftwerk to the Beastie Boys.”

They also have kelly green God is a Moog t-shirts at the site.

via Music Thing.

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