LiveSlice Updated

liveslice midiroutingLiveSlice has been updated to version 1.3.

LiveSlice is a beat slicer / arranger VSTi that offers powerful graphical rearranging of slices, multiple tracks and lots of parameters to apply to each slice, as well as a slice randomization feature. Everything can be controlled by MIDI, fine tuned in the GUI and seamlessly integrated in a midi sequencer.


  • Live input recording – record loops from your tracks for instant liveslicing of any sequenced materia, or use LiveSlice as an effect
  • Drag’n’Drop slices to tracks
  • Preview slices in the arranger
  • Midi through
  • Loops can now be renamed and saved with a different filename
  • When a loop is not found on disk (ie a new recording) it is automatically saved with the song
  • New feature: stretch – automatically pitches all events to make the duration match the project tempo
  • Manual sync will now override host sync information (workaround for hosts that provide incorrect sync info)
  • Zoom / Pan is now activated on double click
  • Clicking middle mouse button on a parameter will reset (before it would clear the event underneath)
  • Manual updated

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