Blacet Intros Bar Graph Synth Module

blacet bar graphBlacet, a modular analog music synthesizer manufacturer, has introduced a new module, the BG 2520. The BG is not an audio module, but a module that can be used to monitor levels within a modular system.

The BG is a 20 element LED bar graph display module. It’s designed to take some of the mystery out of what is going on with control voltages and audio levels in your modular setup.

The BG 2520 covers -10V to +10V from DC to audio. A “multiple” of three jacks allows signals to be monitored at the same time that they are being used elswhere in the system.

Blacet expects to release the BG by 1-30-06, but you can save $10 on either kit or assembled versions by preordering (before 12-31-05).

Blacet makes compact voltage-controlled synthesizer modules in both kit and assembled form.

More information is available at the Blacet site.

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