New Sound Library Features Rare Classical Electronic Music Gear

sonic sorcery institute of sonologyUniversumKiosk has introduced two new sound libraries that feature the voltage-controlled sounds of rare classical electronic music studio gear.

The sound libraries were created in cooperation with the Institute of Sonology, Royal Conservatory The Hague.

The libaries are available in Kontakt II, EXS 24MKII, Reason, Gig 3.0 and Mach 5 formats for US $60 each.


Sonic Sorcery Sounds Vol.1: Bea 5

The sounds for this volume where produced in studio Bea5, the voltage controlled studio at the Institute for Sonology in The Hague, Netherlands.

This is a modular studio, with great historical value. The studio is fully operational, and only accessible to sonology students and sonologists. The sound quality of the modules in the studio is unique and many modules were build within the institute itself.

The material was recorded from the studio’s patch board using an ADDA 2402 convertor by Digital Audio Danmark into Pro Tools software. The results were edited and processed with a digidesign TDM mix system, and various DSP plugins.

The Institute for Sonology is concerned with the production of music as well as with research into the properties of sounds and sound- structures, with the aid of electronic and electroacoustic means.

Sonic Sorcery Sounds Volume 2: Digital Different

This set was realized using various techniques in the digital domain; from simple time domain editing and plug-in chaining to granular synthesis and spectral manipulation.

This libary was also made in close cooperation with the Institure of Sonology, Royal Conservatory The Hague.

More information and demos are available at the UniversumKiosk site.

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